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BlueGrizzlies was created when its founder, Na’jee Gamble, decided to take his passion for video games, entertainment, and fashion to the next level. It all started when Mr.gamble was trying to figure out a name for his game battle team to run some competitive call of Duty.

Although Mr.Gamble was a recovering mental health patient for at least a year, but he found his greatest comfort playing video games with his friends. It was a chance for him to break out of his shell created by institutions and escape to a place where he could shine and showcase his skill. Since a boy, playing video games became natural to him.

He pitched the idea to his friends and created a logo that many urged him to use for the idea for clothes and forget the gaming side of things. However, all Na’Jee’s life he wanted to become a face in the gaming and esports world so it was a no brainer that he kept pushing Blue Grizzlies to be an organization where gamers could unite and show their skill no matter their background.

As a black man he knew that the gaming world needed people who looked like him to have more of a presence and makes sure he doesn’t take his opportunities for granted.

We Are BlueGrizzlies and We support gamers.

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